Read what Board Members, Parents, Colleagues, Teachers, and Students have to say about Eric Hamilton’s leadership.

As both teacher & administrator, Eric not only embraced our son’s needs but patiently & consistently addressed both aspects of his learning profile. Through positive & creative approaches, Eric guided & honored him, taking him from an introverted loner to the middle school student body presidency in 3 years. Moreover, Eric has continued to stay in touch with our son over the years in affirming & supportive ways. The child who we were once told had an IQ of 69 & was unteachable recently finished his masters degree. Thank you, Eric, for your calm patience, innovative methods & respectful presence!

Michelle Price, Parent West Middle School, USA
Colorado Springs Municipal Judge

Eric Hamilton is a superstar educator who is revolutionizing how we educate children.  He strives to improve the emotional, social, and cognitive development of the students he serves. He is truly passionate about improving student learning in order to maximize students’ potential. Eric’s positive attitude is contagious among his students and colleagues. He is a wonderful person and a great educator.

Larry Bartel, Board Director,
Headwaters Academy, USA

“Eric knows what really matters in education. He created a school from chaos at the American Academy in Vietnam and since then has been upskilling in the art of leadership through a deeper understanding of mindfulness and positive education.”

Adrian Watts – Head of School
International School of HCMC, Vietnam

It was very much because of Eric that we chose the school, he is forward in his thinking and highly focused on the wellbeing of students. His ability to listen and thus communicate with us as parents made us feel that our daughter was in a safe and very positive academic environment. His information of where the school was heading was always clear and visionary, which made his leading capabilities clear to us.

Ivalo Kønig Okking, Parent KSI-Bogota, Bsc, MBA, NLP Coach and Trainer Coaching Vital, Bogota

Eric Hamilton has been a colleague and friend for the last decade, where I have worked with him in three different schools.  As a leader, Eric provides stability and calm, supporting the individual stakeholders by balancing the facts and providing for their emotional wellbeing.  Eric promotes students and teachers to take on innovative practices, providing the opportunity for students to flourish and teachers to individualize learning.  

Derek Swanson
Director of Learning Innovation and eLearningAmerican Community School of Abu Dhabi

 I know both founders (of Aviva)…They are an excellent, serious Pos Ed organization, and they would be a real asset for PESA and any other Pos Ed organization or initiative, local or global.

Alejandro Adler, Director
Sustainable Development Solutions Network, New York

He designed and implemented the 21st Century Learning in the new STEM school.  He is one of the strongest educators in the use of implementing technology. 

Mary Ley, Superintendent/CEO,
Arkansas Arts Academy, USA

Eric’s leadership brought compassion to our school. He fostered an environment where the teacher’s effort and skills were recognized and supported. He inspired me to take mindfulness into the classroom, which changed a chaotic class into one of calmness and presence.

Christopher Higgins, Teacher
KSI – Bogota

As a teacher, I felt that Eric’s door was always open and he was a Head of School who treated staff with dignity and fairness. His positive and gentle energy shaped our school culture and built a caring community … I knew his priorities were student’s learning and staff well being. He is organized and holds high expectations for teachers, yet we felt empowered to do what we felt was best for our students. Eric is a true leader who makes you feel appreciated and supported.

Suim Shin, Teacher
ISHCMC – American Academy

Eric is a leader who knows how to shape and build a positive and engaging school culture. He is able to identify and nurture leadership capacity in others, and to work in a truly collaborative style which strengthens and develops members of his team.

Heather Carreiro
Deputy Head of School
ISHCMC – American Academy

Eric Hamilton is one of the most thoughtful and engaging education leaders that I have had the privilege to work with. He is forward-thinking, action-oriented, kind, and generous.

Greg Wilborn, Professional Learning Coordinator,
Office Space Schools, USA

“Eric es un excelente profesional y ser humano, con gran capacidad de liderazgo y con el carisma y la habilidad para inspirar a otros a ser mejores personas. En mi caso personal me permitió descubrir el mundo de la Educación Positiva desde una perspectiva cercana al quehacer del docente y me motivó para profundizar en ella. Hoy en día la pongo en práctica en mi aula de clase y en mi vida personal impactando de esta manera a todos los que me rodean”.

Andrea Roa – Teacher
KSI – Bogotá