Senior Leader Learning Designer

Areas of Expertise:

  Curriculum & Instructional Design  – Team Building & Leadership – Adult Learning & Development
  Project ManagementHuman-centered Design  – Agile Methodologies
 Employee Engagement & Training – Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Strategy  – LMS Management

Technical Snapshot:

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AVIVA EDUCATION LLC, Global 2016 – Present

Aviva - logoAn international non-profit organization dedicated to transforming school cultures by applying positive psychology interventions within curriculum and school systems. 

CEO / Senior Instructional Designer

Hold a dual role focused on advancing the organization while concurrently designing, developing and delivering engaging  blended learning experiences, materials, and tools for use by global education audiences. Incorporate relational and transformational leadership models that include increases in emotional intelligence, effective communication, and mindful inclusion techniques. Set, implement, evaluate, and continually improve curriculum design and impact strategy. Maintain an active pulse of trends in instructional and curriculum design.

  • Designed and administer a Certificate in Positive Education program that yielded a 23% increase in the Subjective Happiness Scale of 500+ teachers and subsequent 5% increase in student achievement scores across 52 schools.
  • Create hybrid learning experiences for board members and executive leaders by utilizing human-centered and adult learning principles that have yielded a 12% increase in job engagement as measured by internal climate surveys.
  • Collaborate with design teams, subject matter experts, and functional heads to map a progressive curriculum that serves school boards and senior leaders across three continents by utilizing a bilingual, hybrid learning experience.
  • Utilized an iterative design process to create nine monthly modules and led two pilot program tests to gather feedback data used for improving the learning experience prior to public release.
  • Successfully introduced a new train-the-trainer model that empowered 35 leaders in a two-year period to expand their capacity and train 900+ employees to increase their own well-being and job satisfaction, among other metrics.


Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 3.49.22 PMA coed K – 12 IB World School operating within an a larger school group comprised of 5 schools located in Bogota, Panama, Montenegro, Turkey, and Portugal.


Recruited to lead the operations and advance the strategic priorities of a coed K-12 IB global school with four partner schools throughout the world. Led and mentored a cross-functional team of educators, operational, and administrative staff.

  • Directly collaborated with global counterparts to create, execute, and enhance global school vision and impact.
  • Designed and successfully integrated a blended learning curriculum from scratch that increased staff wellbeing by 23%, increased student wellbeing by 15%, reduced staff sick days by 10%, increased student attendance by 5%, and enhanced overall productivity and happiness.
  • Managed predictive and hybrid projects that simplified and combined complex curriculum maps that met both U.S. and Colombian government requirements and which also resulted in a 100% learner pass rate.
  • Applied adult learning research to yield meaningful, engaging, and innovative modules, workshops, and micro lessons in an inclusive bilingual multicultural workspace, efforts that collectively resulted in double-digit academic growth gains.
  • Leveraged Agile project management strategies to effectively manage programs and projects aligned with core business goals and KPIs.

ISHCMC – American Academy, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 2012 – 2015

Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 5.17.41 PMA for-profit Common Core Advanced Placement coed secondary school within the Cognita Schools group targeted to Vietnamese students wishing to attend western universities. 



Recruited to lead a for-profit school supporting Vietnamese students wishing to attend Western universities. Managed multiple portfolios tied to key strategic business goals and spanning curriculum mapping, teaching and learning, school improvement, marketing and finance, professional development, and student achievement focus areas.

  • Directed a complete revisioning of the school, including developing leaders, building success-based learning models, increase value proposition of the school in the City, and advancing its brand and revenue by $73K+ in first nine months.
  • Implemented the school’s first-ever English language support program and project managed all related initiatives, including large-scale professional development for teachers, adoption of English language acquisition standards, integration of engaging materials, and securement of critical funding.
  • Successfully increased enrollment and subsequent revenue growth by 15%, 20%, and 19% during tenure.
  • Sourced and secured $1.2M+ in scholarships and grants for graduates during tenure.
  • Attained a 100% graduation rate and 99% university acceptance rate for three consecutive years.


Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 9.10.21 PMA public middle school dedicated to providing an aerospace-themed curriculum and STEM education that included a partnership with the Space Foundation and NASA astronauts to provide a 21st century Project-based Learning curriculum.

Assistant Principal
Spearheaded efforts that implemented and promoted the school mission to provide a comprehensive education to 500+ middle school students. Engaged in teacher recruitment, observations and evaluations, technology integration, STEM initiatives and pastoral care ensuring the wellbeing and academic achievement of all students.

  • Led the implementation of  a $5M USD grant that provided for a 1:1 laptop program,  flight simulator lab, video production labs, Mars-scape robotics lab, and school-wide professional development.
  • Administered successful intervention programs based on achievement and behavior data.
  • Strategized and collaborated on district and school-wide initiatives to meet  all goals and objectives.

DISTRICT 11, WEST MIDDLE SCHOOL, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 2006 – 2009

Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 9.26.01 PMA self-contained magnet school-within-a-school program called Student centered Academic Interdisciplinary Lab (SAIL), dedicated to offering a holistic Gifted and Talented education to 100+ identified gifted students grades 6 to 8. 

Curriculum Coordinator Coordinator

  • Led and directed a  6 teacher team tasked with meeting the academic and social-emotional needs of twice exceptionally gifted and talented students.
  • Developed an interdisciplinary curriculum using Understanding by Design and Project-based Learning for advanced learners.
  • Taught advanced math and science to 100+ students. 
  • Administered the Cognitive Abilities Test for GT identification purposes.
  • Marketed and recruited students for the program through Open Day, Shadow Day, parent workshops, and speaking engagements. 


Horace Mann Middle School, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 2003 – 2006
Middle School Math Teacher

Andalucia Middle School, Phoenix, Arizona, 1994 – 1999*
Middle School Math Teacher

The Columbus School, Medellin, Colombia, 1992 – 1994
Fourth Grade Classroom Teacher

Holladay Magnet School, Tucson, Arizona, 1991-1992


GTLOGOGeorgia Institute of Technology, 1983-1986
Athletic Scholarship
Transferred to the University of Delaware


udel_logo-250University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware, 1986-1990
Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Math Minor
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UCCSUniversity of Colorado, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 2005-2007
Master of Arts in Curriculum Development and Instruction
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Professional Teacher License
Expires: 09/23/2024
License #:324070
Issued by the State of Colorado Department of Education

School Principal License (K-12)
Expires: 12/26/2023
License #291904
Issued by the State of Colorado Department of Education

Qualified Teacher Status (K-13)
Date of QTS: 18 November 2019
License #1980720
Issued by Department for Education (UK)

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Visit DfE to verify the authenticity of the UK credential. 


Positive Education Schools Association Conference, Presenter, 2018
Geelong, Australia 

World Positive Education Accelerator Conference, Presenter, 2018
Dallas, Texas

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Workshop, 2017
Bogota, Colombia

Positive Education, 2015
Singapore, Singapore

Mindful Leadership in Education, 2014

System for Advancing Teacher and Student Achievement, 2012
Los Angeles, California

Educating Children of Color Conference, 2012
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Performance Management Overview, 2012
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Boys Town for Administrators, 2011
Omaha, Nebraska

International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE) Conference, 2011
Philadelphia, PA

Project Based Learning, 2005
Colorado Springs, Colorado