Eric Hamilton is a life-long learner that has served countless children, families, and teachers around the world as camp counselor, tutor, teacher, curriculum coordinator, assistant principal, principal, to head of school for over 20 years.

His love of education began as a student himself when he struggled in middle school. He had a handful of teachers and coaches that connected with him on an emotional level and made him feel that he mattered in this world and that he had purpose.

These amazing teachers and coaches showed him that positive relationships are the key to learning. He has taken this philosophy to his core and brings compassion, acceptance, and care to wherever his career leads him.

Eric’s professional interests include, Rethinking Education,  Innovative Classrooms, Technology Integration, Project-based Learning,  Positive Education, and Mindfulness in Education.

In his free time, Eric enjoys:

  • Yoga
  • Chess
  • Running
  • Music
  • Food and Wines
  • Travel